The pediatrician does not only serve his young patients in the case of illness. Gaining momentum is the idea of prevention, as defined by health promotion and early treatment of perceptible physical and mental disorders.

The goal of our treatment concept is an individualized care and therapy program planned in respect to the familiar social-cultural context.

Offering the cooperation with other specialties, guarantees an integrated concept of diagnosis and treatment.

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Dr. Thorsten Faust is director of the Dr. Faust Institute for Pediatrics and Bio-Neurofeedback since 2002 at the Centro Médico Teknon. He is medical advisor of the German Consulate Barcelona, German School Barcelona and SEAT S.A.

Specialist in pediatrics and adolescent medicine, he is an expert therapist in Biofeedback (DgfBFB) and in Neurofeedback (DgfBFB). Has a degree in Nutritional medicine (DGEM) and holds a certificate as a trainer of child Asthma (GPA). He studied medicine and worked at the university hospitals in Frankfurt, Würzburg and Cologne/Germany.

Faust is part of multiple organizations such as the Catalan Society of Pediatrics (SCP) , Spanish Association of Pediatrics (AEP), Academy of Medical Sciences de la Salut i de Catalunya i Balears, Berufsverband der Kinder -und Jugendärzte (BVKJ), Gesellschaft für pädiatrische Allergologie (GPA), Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährungsmedizin (DGEM) , Society for Applied Neuroscience (SAN).

A personal view: What does it mean to be a doctor to children and young people?


In this doctor's office we cover all areas of general pediatrics and teenage healthcare.
At the Centro Medico Teknon you will find departments of pediatrics, neonatology, children surgery, obstetrics and a 24 hour emergency care (

Pediatría general

General pediatrics, special visits for teenagers

Chequeos anuales

Screening and annual check-up, vaccinations for children and adults


Diagnosis and treatment of bronquial asthma, neurodermitis, allergies, spirometry

Medicina del viaje

Travel medicine

Salud, nutrición

Health promotion, nutrition consultation

Tratamiento de los trastornos psicosomáticos

Psychosomatic disorders (Equipo psico-pediatrico)
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Primeros auxilios

Courses for asthma patients, courses for general first aid in infancy

Visitas domiciliarias

Home visits

Servicio de Neurofeedback

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Please contact us by phone for an appointment. In case of a special problem, informing us in advance would greatly help us to prepare for your visit.

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Please bring us the vaccine plan and all related health documents.

Preparation of your child

Your child has to know what we will do with him in the consultation. A commonly agreed upon reward can have a positive effect during the Dr's. visit. You can also bring something familiar of your child's, for example: a play toy, a favorite book or something he/she has created on his/her own. Babies relax very quickly on their own familiar blanket.

In case of poisoning

Centro de Información Toxicológica Madrid
Phone: +34

They will ask your for the age and weight of your child, the product, time and quantity of the ingested substance.


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